Technology Integration

The Library Computer Labs are open for student use every day after school until 4:30 p.m. All students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on file to use school computers or the school network. Students are to log in under their personal account. All internet traffic is monitored by the school server, and students will be held accountable for any inappropriate internet activity and any issues that arise from the use of their account.

Student Requirements

All students in grades 9-12 are required to have a laptop that meets the specifications set by the school, and to make sure the battery is fully charged at the start of a school day.  They are responsible for ensuring that their laptop does not get damaged, lost, or stolen.

File Storage

Students are responsible for the maintenance of data on their computers. It is recommended that students organize their files and folders in a manner such that they are easy to find and backup. 


The security of a student’s computer is as important as its care and maintenance. As a student, you are responsible for your own laptop according to the following guidelines:

  • At school, never leave your laptop unattended where it can be damaged or stolen.

  • Do not place your laptop in a position such that it can easily be knocked off of the desk or table on which it is resting.

  • Store your laptop in a proper place, such as a locked locker.

  • Transport your laptop in an appropriate case.

  • Do not lend your laptop to others.

  • Do not borrow a laptop from another student.

  • Do not share usernames and passwords with others.


Be mindful of conserving resources when you print. Print only what you need and try not to waste paper. If you try to print and it does not work, check the print queue to see the status of your print job. If you do not know what the problem is, do not try printing again: contact Tech Support in the Learning Commons.


Your username and password for all your accounts should be kept private; do not share them with anyone. You should select a strong password, one which is 8-10 characters long, includes upper and lowercase letters, and a number and/or special character. You should change your password periodically to make it more difficult for others to discover it. Passwords used for access to various tools in our Learning Commons must not be shared with anyone outside the ACS community.


ACS uses PowerSchool as the school information-management program. It allows students and parents to have up-to-date information regarding student attendance, learning, and progress. Teachers update PowerSchool throughout each semester, and students and parents have continuous access to updates. Report cards are posted in PowerSchool shortly after the conclusion of each semester. In order for students to receive their report cards and have access to PowerSchool, all financial obligations (fees, library books, text books, uniforms, etc.) must be cleared.  
Account information including username and password is distributed at the beginning of each school year. If you have trouble accessing PowerSchool, please contact our PowerSchool administrator at: for assistance.