Based on the latest information ACS has received from the Ministry of Education in regard to Tawjihi equivalency options for ACS students, the following information is available:

What is the Tawjihi? Is it only required for Jordanians?

Tawjihi is the Jordanian general secondary examination taken by Jordanian students at the end of a high school education. Students who pass are awarded the Tawjihi - Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate. The equivalency is required for Jordanian students or foreign students who plan to continue studying for their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Jordan.

When can I start the equivalency process?

It is strongly recommended that students start the process as soon as they receive their grades from the College Board for AP or SAT II Subject Tests and have obtained the High School Diploma from ACS.

Will the school be doing the equivalency for me?

ACS will provide the students with the necessary documents to do the equivalency; the family is responsible for completing the process.

Do I need to do the Tawjihi equivalency if I am planning to study in a Jordanian university?

Students who plan to study in Jordan need the Tawjihi equivalency in order to apply to Jordanian universities; including graduate school.

If I do not want to study in a Jordanian university, do I still need to do the equivalency? And can I do it after I graduate from a university outside of Jordan?

It is highly recommended that all Jordanian students get the Tawjihi equivalency even if they do not plan on attending Jordanian universities. They will need it in the future to certify their university degrees from the Ministry of Higher Education. Also, students planning to study medicine or engineering will need the Tawjihi equivalency to join the relevant professional association in the future. However, students can wait until they earn their university degree provided that they have fulfilled the requirements for Tawjihi equivalency.

What is the difference between Tawjihi Literary Stream and a Tawjihi Science Stream?

Obtaining a science stream equivalency will qualify students to all specializations under Literary and Science streams, while obtaining a Literary Stream equivalency will ONLY qualify students for the Arts specializations such as Law, Journalism, Economics, etc…

When should I start taking the SAT II; Subject Tests, and Advanced Placement Courses? Can I take all the SAT II; Subject Tests in one year?

Counselor’s Recommendations:

AP Exams: If prepared, students can consider the following:

  • In grade 10: AP World History
  • In grade 11: one or more AP Course; AP US History, AP Statistics, AP Physics.
  • In grade 12: one or more AP Course; AP Economics, AP Psychology, AP Statistics, AP Calculus, AP English Literature. AP World Languages and AP Studio Art can be taken when a student is prepared in grade 10, 11, or 12

SAT II Subject tests:  Students can consider taking SAT II Subject tests in 10th grade.

Students are advised to take SAT II Subject test at the time, or directly after, they’ve taken the same course during the school year. For example in grade 10, students are advised to take Biology and World History SAT II Subject tests. In grades 11 and 12, student must consider taking Mathematics Levels 1 & 2, U.S. History, and Sciences like Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics. SAT II Subject Test in Literature can be considered in grade 12. The SAT II Subject tests in Language can be taken during grades 10 ,11, and 12.

If I take AP Physics and SAT II Physics will it be considered as 2 different subjects?

Yes, AP Physics will be considered as one subject and SAT II Physics will be considered as another subject. Also, AP Calculus and SAT Math 1 and Math 2 are considered 3 subjects. AP Biology and SAT II Biology are considered 2 subjects.

Are AP Micro Economics and AP Macro Economics considered as 2 different subjects?

Yes, they are considered as 2 subjects.

Are SAT II Math 1 and Math 2 considered as 2 different subjects?

Yes, SAT II tests Math 1 and Math 2 are considered as 2 different subjects.

If a student took AP World History and AP US History, will they be considered as 2 different subjects?

Yes, AP US History is different from AP World History and will be considered as 2 subjects.

If I chose one of the options 4-6, what other exams will I need to take?

The Ministry of Education requests students to pass three other subjects:

  1. Religion (for Muslim students only)
  2. Arabic General 
  3. Culture

Students are responsible for studying these three courses independently. The tests are administered and scored by ACS.

When do I need to take the Arabic/Religion and General Culture tests, is it only in 12th grade?

The Arabic test must be taken in both junior and senior year. The Religion and General Culture tests must only be taken in senior year.

Where do I get the books?

ACS has a limited number of copies of the required books. Students will be able to borrow them from the ACS library.

Will the grades be in percentages or in letter grades? Will the results be included in the equivalency?

Grades will be given out of 100% with the minimum passing grade being 50%. ACS will provide an official transcript to the Ministry of Education that will reflect the grades acquired and confirm the completion and passing of the exams. Grades will be included in the equivalency.

If I am taking Arabic A level, will I be able to replace it with one of the AP or SAT subjects?

Arabic A level will be considered as one of the Subject tests or AP exams only if the student is obtaining the equivalency in the Literary Stream.

Do I have to take the General Culture/Religion/ Arabic tests?

Students will only need to sit for the tests if they choose one of the options 4-6

Will my school grades be included in the equivalency?

A student's school grades will only be included in the weighing by 50%, if they choose equivalency options 1 to 3. If they choose from options 4 to 6, the AP scores and SAT II scores will only be included in addition to the Arabic, Islamic Religion, and General Culture school grades.

Will all my high school grades (9-12) be included in the equivalency?

If a student chooses options 4, 5 or 6 their school grades will not be included in the averaging. If a student chooses one of options 1, 2 or 3, only grade 12 grades will be included in the weighing and equivalency by 50%.

What papers do I need to take with me to do the equivalency?

  1. Attendance letter from ACS that confirms 3 years enrollment in high school, and the completion of the credits required for acquiring the ACS High School Diploma.
  2. Original Official Transcript to be stamped at AMIDEAST first then at the Private Educational Directorate.
  3. Official copies of SAT II scores and AP scores stamped by AMIDEAST.
  4. Passport copies and ID.
  5. Filled in forms for equalization of degrees available from the Private Educational Directorate.

What are my options for the Tawjihi Equivalency?

For a detailed overview of the options, please CLICK HERE.

Are AP Physics and AP Calculus considered as 2 different subjects?

Yes, they are considered as 2 different subjects. However, AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC are considered as one subject for equivalency purposes.