Technology Integration

The ACS 1:1 Family Owned Laptop Program

The ACS 1:1 Laptop Program launched in 2012, where families provide a laptop computer as a learning tool for children in grades 5 through 12 for daily use. Family Owned laptops at school are used throughout the day in order to accelerate learning, provide greater opportunities for students to showcase their understanding, and help to foster collaboration between peers and teachers. The program also allows greater access to resources that support classroom instruction. Our goal through the use of the technology tool is to inspire our students to become Global Advocates. 

Laptop Buyer's Guide

Advice for Parents on Computers & Kids

PowerSchool Student Information System

ACS utilizes the PowerSchool student information system to share grades and notes on student performance with parents. The PowerSchool platform helps to create a collaborative environment for students, parents and the school to work together to make decisions that impact the student's progress.

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