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Posted by on Thursday, May 9, 2019
Last Saturday, we held our 4th Annual Health Fair at ACS and we are pleased to announce it was another successful event. We had over 450 members from the community attend with over 50 vendors showcasing their diverse health and wellness offerings.  The Fair featured organic food producers as well as healthy and homemade food products. We also had tables that supported physical health such as yoga and physical fitness combined with live dancing and exercise activities. The Fair also focused on... Read More
Posted by on Tuesday, May 7, 2019
On April 30th, 2019, a group of 4th and 5th Grade students presented a musical production called “A Kid’s Life.” This show tells the story of a group of kids who have to survive a day without power and technology. What’s a kid to do without their games and devices?! Grandma and Grandpa come to the rescue and show the kids how to have fun the old-fashioned way. This production is full of singing and dancing and these kids did not disappoint. Directed by Gael Thomlinson with Michelle Leblanc,... Read More
Posted by on Monday, May 6, 2019
ACS would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Daoud family and KitchenAid for donating the Classroom Kitchen in loving memory of ACS parent, Ibrahim Daoud. This all in one mobile kitchen was designed and manufactured in Jordan by Awar Industrial. Our elementary students have designated an entire area of our campus for our wonderful ACS Garden where they grow organic fruits and vegetables. Our students are so fortunate to be able to take what they are learning in class about healthy... Read More
Posted by on Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Last week our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle school students traveled to different parts of Jordan to enjoy the beauty and history of our host country during their Adventure Jordan (AJ) experiences. While we value the curricular elements present in our AJ trips, we feel that the bonding and relationship development that occurs among our students is equally important. By taking them away from school and out of classrooms, students interact with one another in wonderful and new ways. They take... Read More
Posted by on Saturday, April 20, 2019
The ACS community is a melting pot of people from different cultures blending together to form one united community. Every year, the PTG organizes the Celebration of Cultures in order for our community to learn about what makes each of us unique while spending the day together enjoying great food and entertainment from around the globe. With about 50 different nationalities represented at ACS, it was a day of cultural fusion and community integration that we're all proud of!     To view more... Read More
Posted by on Thursday, April 18, 2019
  ACS Elementary, Middle and High School students showcased their language skills and vividly emphasized the uniqueness of different languages in our life during the World Languages Week. Parents were invited to three separate showcases where students from each division performed culturally rich acts that included poetry, songs, dances and skits in the three languages: Spanish, French and Arabic. The showcases reflected the students’ learning in the World Languages classrooms and enriched... Read More
Posted by on Tuesday, April 16, 2019
ACS Athletes were busy last weekend! We had 49 Athletes and 8 coaches participating in three SAISA Tournaments this past weekend in India. SAISA Track & Field was hosted at the American International School of Chennai, SAISA Boys Basketball and Girls Soccer were hosted at the American School of Bombay.  All teams wrapped up their tournaments with incredible heart and passion. We are tremendously proud of the athletes and how well they represented the Scorpions...their integrity, respect... Read More
Posted by on Thursday, March 28, 2019
The Compassion Summit was held for the third consecutive year at ACS from March 14 - 16. While the weather was uncooperative, the outcomes were incredible. With 15 schools from the Middle East participating, including 2 local Jordanian schools -- Ahliyyah/Bishops and Jubilee -- over 100 students gathered together for two days of keynote speakers, workshops, and most importantly, time with mentors and coaches to create a viable, change-promoting Action Plan to take back to their respective... Read More
Posted by on Thursday, March 28, 2019
Written in 1993, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, deals with complex and potentially controversial topics like euthanasia and the use of drugs to suppress emotions. Rather than spare the audience those emotions, this ACS Middle School Theatre production endeavored to place them in stark relief against a colorless world that would choose to forget that things like memories and feelings and love exist. The main character, Jonas, at the age of 12, must navigate this black and white world and struggle... Read More
Posted by on Thursday, March 21, 2019
Scent of Insanity, the winners of our second Battle of the Bands that took place earlier this year, redeemed their prize of studio time at HB Studio in Amman. The band took advantage of their studio time and relished in the opportunity to take their music to the next level by recording their original piece, On S’en Occupe. We look forward to hearing more great things from these talented musicians. We hope you enjoy the clip below of the time the students spent in the studio.