The American Community School Athletic Program provides a broad range of competitive team and individual sports to aid and promote the personal growth and development of our students. ACS is a member of The South Asia Inter-Schools Association (SAISA) and travels internationally to SAISA tournaments in over 7 countries including Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and Oman. We are also a member of the Amman Athletic Conference (AAC). ACS currently competes in Badminton, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, and Volleyball. Please refer to our table for our sports and activities tournament information.

SAISA Sport / Activity Location
Art Festival ASB (Mumbai) 
Badminton (Coed) ASB (Mumbai)
Music ASB (Mumbai)
Boys Basketball ACS (Amman)
Girls Basketball LS (Kathmandu)
Boys Soccer AISC (Chennai)


SAISA Sport / Activity Location
Girls Soccer TAISM (Muscat)
Swimming (Coed) LS (Kathmandu) 
Tennis (Coed) ASB (Mumbai)
Track and Field (Coed) AISC (Chennai)
Boys Volleyball TAISM  (Muscat)  
Girls Volleyball ACS (Amman)