Statement of Purpose

SEE:Change is a committee based in the American Community School in Amman that helps develop, expand, and sustain responsibility, empathy, resilience, awareness, and leadership skills in students. This is done through various enterprises directed towards different organizations in Jordan which are selected every three years.


The SEE:Change committee focuses on six main organizations. These organizations were selected by the SEE:Change student committee after visiting and interviewing close to 18 organizations in Jordan and selecting the six that best fit the program.

By focusing on six organizations, students are better able to sustain the service program and provide larger contributions.  Also, supporting the same organizations for three years allows for continuity in service so that students from all grade levels can see tangible results of the ongoing work with the selected organizations.

The Selected Organizations:

Student Requirements

All high school students are required to take part in community service.

All students in the High School, grades 9 to 12 must either create a new SEE-Change project of their own* AND/OR must complete a total of 30 hours engaging in service **within school or service outside of school*** with Gaza Camp, Ruwwad, Habitat for Humanity, Reclaim Childhood, Collateral Repair Project and/or Humane Center for Animal Welfare.

Please Note: 11th and 12th graders must construct a portfolio including photo, video, or written documentary of their service projects, OR must submit their hours to the SC Coordinator.

*All SEE:Change / Design Thinking projects should be pre-approved by the SC Coordinator or the Design thinking team.
**Inside school service consists of tutoring, library assistance, helping the PTG or other school-related events.
***Outside school service consists of working with Habitat for Humanity, Collateral Repair Project, Reclaim Childhood, Ruwwad al Tanmia and/or Humane Center for Animal Welfare.