Student Councils

Elementary School

The Elementary Student Council supports the same community projects that the Middle and High School students focus on. The charitable and community organizations student work with include the Humane Center for Animal Welfare, Collateral Repair Project, Crayons for Kids, Bidna Capoeira, and Umi Campaign. The Student Council thinks of fun ways to encourage elementary school students to fundraise and raise awareness on the causes their selected organizations champion.



Middle School

The Middle School Scorpion Council is comprised of students who are looking to get involved with school at a higher level. It is an opportunity for students to make a difference while learning how to utilize resources and prioritize tasks when organizing events and fundraisers. It is also a program that builds confidence and promotes community service among peers.

The Scorpion Council is the student organization directly involved with assemblies and the planning of events that affect the entire student body. The Council is open to all students who are interested in exploring leadership opportunities. Scorpion Council generally meets weekly at lunch.


High School

The High School Student Council (StuCo) is the student government organization directly involved with decisions affecting the entire student body. ACS provides opportunities for students to assume leadership roles, be involved in community services, and participate in the formal decision making process of the school. 

StuCo aims to provide activities for high school students that engage both the high school community and the entire ACS community. StuCo also works with community outreach to help raise funds for numerous non-profit organizations in Jordan. 
Student Council is a wonderful opportunity for students to participate in the betterment of their community while learning invaluable leadership skills.